Tsuwu Hot Spring is located at the end of Yangjing Highway. It is design and built with wood and stones to correspond with the natural scenery. The hotel offers public hot spring pool and individual hot spring cabin. The water is white sulfur spring, rarely found around the world. It is known for soothing weariness and good for the skin. The rooms are installed with its own hot spring pool. With the natural scenery available during your hot spring, it is a time of your life.

The hotel provides two exquisite dining. The Caoshan Restaurant offers local and traditional cuisine, where the locals often go. The Tsuwu Study is a modern fusion cuisine restaurant, using only the fresh local ingredient. For hikers, the nearby Qingtiangang, Monhuan Lake, Zhuzihu and Lengshuikeng are great hiking attractions. The Juming Museum is also worth visiting for art admirers. Yangmingshan Tsuwu Hot Spring is the finest Taipei hotel is you are looking for a casual and relaxing holiday.