Hotel Bstay is conveniently located in the center of Zhongshan District. Only 5 min walk to the nearest Shuanglian MRT Station, 50 min ride to the International Airport by the near bus station, Hotel Bstay in surrounded by night market and commercial district. Enjoying Taipei easily with convenient access and good food, Hotel Bstay is a great location to begin and continue you trip.

Hotel Bstay offers a diversity of room types for your selection. The rooms are exquisitely designed with independent bathing facilities with LCD TV, some even offers classic bathtubs. Hotel Bstay provides a comfortable and easy staying experience. The nearby surroundings offer delicious local food and snacks. Visiting nearby attractions like Museum of Contemporary Art, Dihua Street, Yongle Market and Taipei City God Temple, exploring the history old town of Dadaocheng is never easier.

No rooms available for Hotel Bstay.
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