Situated on the foot of Da-yuan Mountain, Yilan Shangrila Leisure Farming is about two hundred and fifty meters in altitude and within a temperate weather condition in four seasons. It is another good choice for Taiwan travel. Surrounded by hills and mountains, the farming offers a perfect site for visitors to overlook the valleys, rivers, plains, farms, islands, and ocean. The farming boasts an excellent site for visiting natural ecology, such as Taiwanese macaques, tree frogs, firebugs, butterfly and a variety of plants, inducing visitors with magnificent views and diverse creatures. In order to let visitors experience more folk activities, Yilan Shangrila Leisure Farming organizes some interesting plans for them. For instance, the lantern activity, the whirligig activity, the matzo ball activity, several DIY activities, and so on are the most popular activities.

No rooms available for Shangrila Leisure Farming.
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