Taichung Harbor Hotel, luxuriously located in Wuqi District of Taichung City, Taiwan, offers high-end accommodations with mesmerizing harbor views that will make your Taichung accommodation experience a memorable one. Hotel’s restaurants also offer various fusion cuisines with great dining venues for you to savor a refined dining experience. This upscale Taichung hotel is within easy distance to major commercial sectors, Taichung Airport, Xibin Expressway, HSR Taichung Station, as well as Shalu and Qingshui railway stations, offering ready access for you to continue to other Taiwan destinations. Also, the location within Wuqi District offers easy access to popular Taichung attractions including enjoying wide arrays of Taiwan snacks at Tunghai Night Market, Taichung Gaomei Wetlands for the beautiful eco-preservation area, Shatian Road in Shalu District for old-time flavors, and Wuqi Fishing Port for fresh seafood.

No rooms available for Taichung Harbor Hotel.
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