Located in the center of Nantou, Taiwan, Nantou Hotel offers cozy accommodations for travelers to rejuvenate while staying in Nantou. Nantou County lies at the geographical heart of Taiwan, covering an area of 410 square kilometers of mainly mountainous area. The unspoiled natural beauties of Nantou make it a noted tourist destination of Taiwan. Sun Moon lake, Jiji, Puli, Chingjing, Xitou Forest Recreation Area, Shanlinsi Scenic Area and Houtanjing Scenic Area are some of the famous tourist stops of Nantou. This Nantou hotel is ideally set at the halfway to all these famous Nantou attractions. In addition, the hotel offers a range of comfortable accommodations to meet all types of needs plus friendly and thoughtful services, all to make it one of the nice lodgings among Nontou hotels for your Taiwan travel.