Nicely located at above 600 sea level, Cedarwood Villa is a luxury boutique hotel in Taian, Miaoli offers a tranquil retreat and lush green mountain view. The hotel is a nice getaway for families, couples and businessmen with an integration of accommodation, catering, conference, spa, leisure and health care. For travelers who are fond of hot springs, Taian Hot Spring is one of the best-known hot springs in Taiwan since Japanese occupation, and the picturesque scenery in the area makes it even more alluring. Moreover, Hushan Hot Spring and Tenglong Hot Spring are within a short ride, and the hotel is a wonderful start point to explore enchanting nature surroundings and charming Miaoli County. With a quiet environment and relaxed atmosphere, Cedarwood Villa offers luxurious yet cozy accommodations along with thoughtful services for you to have a delightful travel experience in Taiwan.

Note: Public hot spring area is currently under renovation. It will reopen in November.

No rooms available for Cedarwood Villa.
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