Set at the foot of Alishan (Mt. Ali) in Chiayi County of Taiwan, Yundeng Landscape Hotel is adjacent to Palm Lake Golf Course for you to have a fun filled vacation. Furthermore, the hotel offers deluxe and cozy accommodations with panoramic views of the course, an uninterrupted view across the county, and Alishan during the day and night. The hotel is in the vicinity of popular Chiayi attractions such as downtown area of Chiayi (12 km/25-minute drive), Everlasting Bridge (12.8 km/19-minute drive), Lan-Tan Reservoir (10 km/18-minute drive) and Ren Yi Lake (4.5 km/10-minute drive). In addition, the noted tourist spots- Alishan Forest Recreation Area and Fenchihu are about one hour and forty-five minutes drive away, for guests to enjoy enchanting sceneries of the famous sea of clouds and many other breathtaking views. With a beautiful nature nearby, the hotel is the perfect place for you to get away from the fast pace of city life and explore the beauties of Taiwan.

No rooms available for Yundeng Landscape Hotel.
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