Located in Jiaoxi district of Yilan, Chiao Hsi Beauty Garden Hotel is nicely set adjacent to Tangweigou Hot Spring Park which consists of hot spring facilities, nature sceneries, and stores. With a profound hot spring culture and an excellent location close to the Jiaosi Train Station (750 m/9 minutes walk), the hotel provides guests an ease of access with moving in and around Yilan. You may visit abundant points of interest in Yilan downtown, Luodong, and Suao via train, such as Suao Cold Spring, Suao Port, Wulaoken River Valley, Luodong Night Market, Luodong Sports Park, Dongshan River Water Park, National Center for Traditional Arts, and Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park. Yilan is full of picturesque natural landscape and human warmth, which is a great destination for any kind of getaway. With a strategically chosen location, this Taiwan hotel is a nice spot to enjoy the high-quality of hot spring and to discover the beauty of Yilan.

No rooms available for Beauty Garden Hotel Jiaohsi.
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