Danshui Blue River Hotel (B.R. Hotel) has a delightful location in the beautiful Danshui District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. Danshui, located about 40 minutes away from downtown Taipei City via Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line, is a mesmerizing district favored by both local and international travelers. Danshui is enriched by natural, cultural and historical assets, as well as wide varieties of local flavors that attract large numbers of visitors each day. With just about one kilometer away from MRT Danshui Station, this Taiwan hotel is within short distance to major Danshui attractions include Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf 3.4km/10mins drive, Fort San Domingo about 600m/8mins walk away, Little White House Danshui 350m/5mins walk away, Red Castle Danshui 290m/4mins walk away, and Danshui Old Street at your fingertips for wide arrays of local favorites and old-time flavors that will make your Taiwan travel a memorable one.

No rooms available for Danshui Blue River Hotel (B.R. Hotel) .
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