Hotel J - Kenting is nicely located on Henggong Road in Hengchun Town of Pingtung County, Taiwan, just about 6 kilometers away from Taiwan’s most popular holiday destination - Kenting National Park. Kenting, one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist destinations, is favored for its location in southern Taiwan that features a tropical climate, usually hot in summer and mild in winter, making it a wonderful place for a holiday retreat. This Kenting hotel offers convenience in discovering major Kenting and Hengchun attractions such as National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (10.7km/18mins drive), Kenting Night Market (8.3km/11mins drive), Hengchun Chuhuo (3km/8mins drive), and Hengchun Old Town (2.6km/5mins drive). The nice location of this Taiwan hotel will ensure you great ease in discovering Kenting.

No rooms available for Hotel J - Kenting.
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